A Smart Investment

iMechanic is a leader in consumer electronic repair. We repair everything from phones to drones to tablets and gadgets. We back our work up with a lifetime warranty and have been doing same day repair since day one.

Proven Concept

A fast growing industry backed by huge consumer demand. iMechanic is a proven model throughout several areas and demographics. Our owners have successfully run multiple stores for years. Now it’s your chance to join the team and enjoy the benefits!

Multiple Revenue Streams

Between a wide range of repairs, iMechanic branded accessories and preowned devices, you have multiple revenue streams available to you as an owner. Our success is important and we are always staying ahead.


iMechanic has consistently set the bar on how we do things. We aren’t just all about repairs – even though we are pretty darn good at that. We give our customers an experience; from a lifetime warranty to getting their devices back the same day. It’s how we do things. In this industry, it’s more than just repairing stuff.

Low-Cost Franchise Oppurtunity

Our clean concept and experience have brought this model to the market at a very reasonable opportunity cost.